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Mower Medic offers a full range of small engine and lawn mower repair and maintenance.Our team of expert small engine technicians provide a fast and affordable solution to keeping your equipment performing in top condition.                                                    

       We Also Offer Pickup And Delivery For All Of Blount Co. For Only $50.00                                                   


Maryville Lawn Mower Repair  and Small Engine Maintenance

Spring is almost here. Avoid the rush and schedule to get your mower, or other small engine, tuned up and ready for the mowing season.

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  We want to thank all of our customers for your continuing support and kind reviews that you left on our google place page this year. We are honored to have served Blount Co. and the surrounding areas and we are looking forward   to seeing you all again this year.

We Service All Brands Of Small Engines, Lawn Mower Repair, Leaf Blowers, Weed Eaters, And Chain Saws.

We Buy And Sell Used Equipment!


Ask Us About Trading in Or Selling Your Old Lawn Mower And Other Small Engine Equipment!



We Also Service Four Wheelers, GoCarts And Mini Bikes.

We Service All Nine Major Brands Of Four Wheelers

There are nine major brands of four-wheelers manufactured or sold in the United States. Each of these nine manufacturers produces several different models of four-wheeler. We have access to tens of thousands of parts for your small engine needs. 

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Taking The Headache Out Of Lawn Mower Repair

We take a lot pride in the work we do for our customers simply because you deserve the best for the money you spend on maintenance and repair. Equipment breaks down. That's just a fact of life. We can help you when it comes time to fix that broken piece of equipment or do simple maintenance and repair work too. 

Routine maintenance and upkeep on your outdoor power equipment is money well spent. By doing simple maintenance on all your small engine equipment every year you can save a bundle of your hard earned cash by not having to replace it.

Maryville Lawn Mower Repair

If you have ever experienced a breakdown on your lawn mower or trimmer then you know what I am talking about. It is frustrating to go out for the first time in the spring to start cutting the grass only to find out that your lawn mower will not start or your trimmer is dead. We can help you winterize your power equipment each year so that when spring arrives you will be ready to tackle that yard with ease. Let us help you get ready so that there will be no surprises when it is time for the mowing season to start. If you are in the area, keep us in mind because we are your Maryville lawn mower repair service provider.


We Are Always Striving To Bring Our Customers Great Service!

We will be adding an Amazon parts search to our website soon so that you will be able to purchase new and used parts and equipment all in one place.

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